Software & Web Application Development

No matter what the shape or size of your business, the software engineers at KM Technologies can design, create, develop and implement custom software and web solution for your unique organization.

Our developers have a solid foundation in .NET Architecture, to build software solutions – whether they’re websites or applications – that meet and exceed your expectations. We can work within any budget to create software projects from scratch, and we’ll even take over existing projects you may need help with.

In other words, our team of software engineers can create anything that you can envision. We are a company that is results driven, where customer satisfaction is always our number one priority. At KM Technologies, we understand that every business is unique; and therefore, every business’s software needs are unique, too. Our engineers can design and develop a software solution to meet your specific needs, no matter what your industry or business processes require. Our team of expert software engineers will get to you know your organization inside and out, in order to provide you with truly customized software solutions that will provide ROI today and long into the future.

IT services

Computer Repair and Updates

If your computer has stopped functioning normally, is having trouble getting connected to the internet, has virus or just is working so slow, KM can help. Our computer repair specialists have the technical know-how experience to sort out whatever is happening with your computer.

Virus & Spyware Removal

The best course of action against an infection is to be removed as soon as possible. The delay could result in slower performance, data security issues and, in extreme cases, loss of data. Do not worry. When you have a virus or spyware problem, help is only seconds away from you, only need to contact KM.

Networking Services

Networking and computer systems are complicated to set up and maintain. Your first step is contact us for a FREE evaluation. We realize that the needs of every company are different, and therefore we work with each individual customer to set up a personalized networking setup, keeping in mind the demands and the budget for your computer systems and networking.

Data Recovery and Backup

There are several reasons for the loss of data such as viruses, application problems, human error, operating system error, and many more. Backups play a vital role for those who spend much time on the computer both for personal or business reasons. Some people still follow the old paradigm of "will never happen to me". This can be a reality and can meet at any time and by anyone. In this case KM is here to help.

our options

Regular Service

KM is dedicated to providing professional care and exceptional. With the experience and knowledge that KM has to offer, you can be sure you always find the latest technology, reliable advice and a wide range of services available. We work to provide quality services to both corporate and residential customers.

We offer on-site help with any need for your computer. No problem is too big or too small. We develop partnerships with companies that turn us into their technical department.

Prepaid Service

This option allows to a customer to buy service hours in advance saving time and money since this will give at a reduced price and avoid everytime charge and pay.

Technicians are always available and service will be done within a timeframe of 4 to 24 hours. As the amount of hours purchased increases, savings for your company also increases. No contract is necessary. Charges are per number of service hour used. The time is rounded to the nearest tenth of an hour. Mileage surcharge is not charged.

Monthly Service

When a customer who choose this service, it's like having a full IT Service at their disposition. With low monthly fee is charged, according with the total PC/Servers of service needed. A weekly service will be set onsite, for an appropriate maintenance to all PCs throughout the month. All PC/Server will have a protective attention (Clean Up/Upgrades) to avoid any interruption of its use.

Services such as new PC installations, software and printer installations, etc. are included. Any emergency will be issue within a timeframe of 4 hours.